Types of courses

Private Ski lesson

Private lessons for beginners
You choose the time and the date for your private lesson and learn how to ski with adapted exercises and teaching tools.

Private lessons for intermediates
Available as individual or group lessons, your ski instructor starts to work with you or together with your friends at your current level, supports your strengths and works with exercises on your weaknesses.

Private lessons for the whole family
Your ski instructor has an eye on the skills of every family member, helps with important tips regarding your skiing technique, and also helps with exercises and the right choice of ski slopes.

Ski course for kids
The kids learn with playful and methodical exercises that practice the right skiing technique, with fun as the first priority.
Depending on their skills and their age, the kids get split up into groups and are looked after for a half day or the whole day.

Whether they are a beginner on the "magic carpet" or as an intermediate in a group of the same age and level, ski courses for kids are the most important courses for Austrian ski schools.

Ski course of adults

Group course for beginners
Learn to ski in a group with the best ski instructors.
With the right exercises, learning tools and on the right slopes, the first turns on your skis and your goal for the week will be reached.

Group course for intermediates
Get to know the ski resort, work together on your skiing technique with other members of your ski course and stop for a bite to eat or a drink during the lunch break or go for Après Ski drinks with your ski instructor in some of the best bars and restaurants in the ski resort.

Private Snowboard lesson

Private snowboard lesson beginners

You can choose the date and time of your lesson and your snowboard instructor will be looking forward to helping you with a supporting hand and the right exercises to be able to do your first independent turns on the snowboard.

Private snowboard lesson intermediates
Alone or with friends, there is so much more to learn in snowboarding. The Austrian snowboard instructors work with you on your technique to reach perfection, show you some snowboard tricks, jumps and nice hidden slopes at the ski resort. You choose the time and the date for your private lesson for yourself or together with a friend.

Snowboard group course
Your snowboard instructor shows you useful exercises and not only works with you on your weaknesses, he also shows you tricks on the snowboard as well as great powder rides.
These group dynamics can make your ski holiday unforgettable.

Freeride course

The Austrian ski instructors have the greatest know-how of the ski resort, of the snow and the avalanche danger and in addition to this, they went through the best alpine ski courses to make sure to bring you safely through the deep powder next to the regular slopes. 
Enjoy together with your ski instructor the pure nature and the greatest powder rides of the ski resort.

And there is much more…..!!!!!
The sport offer of the Austrian ski schools is greater than anywhere else in the world.
Guided ski tours, snowshoe hiking, cross-country skiing or telemarking.... the offers of the Austrian ski schools are too great to mention them all.

Ask at your Austrian ski school for an alternative program for your ski holiday and enjoy an unforgettable stay in one of Austria's most beautiful ski resorts.